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Woven together by professionalism
It was not by chance that we have coined the name Pro-eX. Pro-eX connotes Professional Expertise and nothing less. By calling ourselves Pro-eX, we step away from the regular run-of-the-mill league of Internet solutions' companies, which are dime a dozen today!

To take this stance as an expert comes with the obvious faculties that revolve around our strengths, which are based on basic Economics. We operate on a macro level integrated through a micro approach all aligned together through a well-woven fabric of technology, quality and innovation!

In the heart of Asia-Pacific's Silicon Valley!
Pro-eX is based in Bangalore, South India the heart of all software activity in the Asia-Pacific region.

The vision to initiate Pro-eX was conceptualized in the beginning of year 2002. The perspectives from day one were crystalised and the complete gamut of our activities short-listed. Pro-eX has evolved into providing solutions that revolve around the complete spectrum of activities - Web Solutions, Software Development, Advertising & Marketing Solutions.

While these constitute a significant part of our menu, we believe innovation in solutions, innovation in customer trust-relationships, innovation in idea building, innovation in spreading the so called techie culture and also innovation in using the Web effectively as a strong business proposition.

Dedicated to provide the best!
At Pro-eX our endeavour is to help our clients intensify the usage of technology and recommend the best solution that would automate their life. In our efforts to provide you solutions that are out-of-the-box, our expertise revolves around the Internet, Intranet, Extranet, B2B & B2C solutions starting from small Business Organisations extended to Corporate Giants.

Integration of e-commerce solutions and also supporting the regular business flow is our key to satisfying clients. We do this with a fervour and dedication only to make sure we transform and create preparedness for future needs.

Our driving force is to see the successful implementation of projects and technology which our clients seek, and to offer them a result-oriented environment making it mutually beneficial.

If what you need is commitment, a sea change the way you work technically and a lot of working comfort, choose Pro-eX. It's all in the name!

Powered by a team of Experts
At Pro-eX, we are a team of multi-faceted and talented personnel. Each of our team members have some of the biggest names in the world of Corporates associated with them.

With over a decade's experience in various fields, we have worked alongside and serviced many MNC clients. This in turn has helped us strengthen our core competencies, as we are able to handle projects related to software, Internet, Marketing & Advertising. Further this has helped us to think a lot more strategically at not just short-term goals but a long-term benefit.

As for our technical team, they have worked across a whole range of software environments and projects which in turn helps us to keep pace with the industry standards and also move ahead of the competition.

At Pro-eX, it is a perfect mix of old school thinking along with fresh talent. The younger members of the team are enterprising, constantly looking for challenge and look forward to rewriting technology with their innovative ideas. While at the other end of the spectrum our experienced staff make sure business is conducted in the best possible manner that would be mutually beneficial and conducted in an ethical environment.

Building relationships through technology
At Pro-eX, we believe a relationship starts from the moment a customer initiates a business proposition. We strongly believe in long-term business relationships with the clients. This is maintained through our recommendations that take care of not just the present needs but also cater to the short-term and long-term needs of our clients.

In order to maintain a rapport with out clients, we make sure that our systems are perfect. Our code of ethics have basically two strong abstracts when we do business.
  • We will always provide quality products within the scheduled time
  • Build a sense of trust with our customer and remain long term partners

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