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In the world today, to stay ahead of the competition certain systems are required to be maintained and religiously followed.

It is seen through every single step of a project and if maintained in a proper manner, the results are encouraging and the end product would be high quality software delivered in the perfect time frame.

To make sure every single project goes the various stages without any hitches it requires analysis and in-depth study of the project.

Every project has various stages. Ideally a proper Project Management Plan will have a set of Objectives that would cover major functions of all aspects, performance issues and will also include the mention of management and technical constraints.

The next would be the Estimates where with the support of historical data along with relevant information and estimation techniques we arrive at an estimate.

Another important aspect of a Project is Risk Analysis & Management. In every project that we undertake, the risk is identified, estimated and evaluated. Then would come the next process where the risk aversion options are charted out along with risk monitoring procedures.

Another important aspect of Project Management is Scheduling. Here the complete project work breakdown structure is created along with the Task Network, Timeline charts and a resource table.

Than comes the process of sourcing out Resources. Right from the People to the Hardware & Software to be used and at times maybe even Special resources depending on projects.

Another important aspect of Project Management is Staff Organisation. This is where manpower management skills are actively used to form the Team Structure and create.

Management Reports. Further Project Management capabilities would also include Tracking and Control mechanism.

Our Principles at Work. Always.
After all these initiatives are taken, we use various Project Management methodologies and after observing the number of underlying principles that are present in the more successful methodologies, we create a Project Management lifecycle. So right from the moment the Scope of the project is decided to the last function where we hand over the Project Report to the client, we make sure at every single point, the pre-determined parameters are maintained.

And we at Pro-eX, make sure where at every single point there is a obsession and die hard passion for quality.

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